Crystal Placement: Why you should care about where you put your crystals!

There is no denying that crystals have become pieces of natural art in homes, decorating spaces like counter tops, coffee tables, and fireplace mantles. It's aesthetically pleasing for most to house all their crystals in one massive cabinet, or colour coordinate their crystals on a shelf (or two). As there is nothing wrong with this (I do that too), there is more to crystals than just their exterior beauty.
As I grew Equilibrio Gems and studied and felt the healing properties of certain crystals, I began to be aware of crystal placement - where to specifically place crystals around the home.
We know crystals emit various wavelengths and energies, but what if we use that knowledge to care about where we place our crystals... to better support the different energies we want to convey in certain environments ... Our homes are sacred spaces that reflect who we are on the inside, so why not enhance that with the appropriate crystals?
First, I would start by asking yourself, "What is the function and purpose of each room in my home?." Once you have that question answered, you will consciously think about the crystal's healing properties and where to place them in your home. The whole goal for crystal placement should be to achieve a positive living space where we feel calm, collected and zen.
So whether you’re drawn to crystals for how they look or for their energy, crystals can be used as wonderful tools in our homes!
Note: If you're new to crystals and don't know about their healing properties yet, that's okay! There is a reason why you're initially drawn to certain crystals in the first place - you're trusting an energetic pull and allowing yourself to have that crystal be called to you. Trust the process and keep delving into the wonderful world of crystals! 


So loving the blog, can’t wait to read the next one….

Cat July 28, 2022

Congratulations 🎉 This is such a great idea. Thank you for all the helpful info you share. So proud of you and look forward to reading more and to keep learning. Your the best and wishing you much success on this new adventure 🎉🥰

Jo Ann July 21, 2022

Congratulations Ari on your blog!!! 😍
Im so happy for you! I love all your live sales because you make me learn stuff every time!! This blog will help me growing more and more into living with my crystals!! Thank you for your generosity it’s so kind of you to do that for the equilibrio gem family!! Happy to be a part of it!!! Continue to follow your dreams my love your at the right place and your the best at what your doing!! 😘😍😘

Kathy July 21, 2022

Fantastic! I can’t wait to read the next one.

Karleigh July 20, 2022

Congrats on your first blog Ariana!! So super excited for you! You are an amazing soul and I can’t wait to read more!

Antonella July 20, 2022

Congratulations on your blog post! I absolutely loved it! Very informative and just wanted to thank you for being so educational when it comes to everything about crystals. You know how proud I am of you girl! Looking forward to learning and reading more from you ♥️

Jennifer M.Paris July 20, 2022

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