In January of 2018, Ariana founded Equilibrio Gems. As the sole owner and creative director behind the company, Ariana’s vision was for Equilibrio Gems to be an edgy, fashion-forward, one-of-a-kind luxe gemstone jewelry company. She first began her journey fully enthralled by the idea of creating jewelry that people loved and wanted to wear on a daily basis, showing them off to their friends and family. Having created about 100 pieces of jewelry, Ariana attended her first pop-up market in April of 2018. She didn’t get as much positive feedback as she had hoped, which made her feel discouraged and left questioning herself and her designs. Ariana wasn't going to take "no" for an answer and decided to continue on her Equilibrio Gems journey...

That drive and passion led Ariana to complete over 100 pop-ups. From small community pop-ups to large trade shows, from private events to markets of all sizes. Ariana began to see the growth in EG's following and wanted to find additional ways to spread the love she has for crystals and gemstone jewelry. In 2020, she decided to set up her pop-up table at home. She filled the table with bracelets and crystals and went live on Instagram for the first time. It was a slow start, but over the next couple of months and years she built an amazing crystal community to which she now calls the "EG Fam" and has completed over 150 Instagram Live Sales to date! In January of 2023, Equilibrio Gems made its biggest leap yet and moved into its first-ever commercial space, now operating out of its headquarters in Aurora, Ontario.

This wouldn't have been possible without Ariana's hard work and perseverance, but definitely not without her dedicated EG Fam, the loyal customers that keep coming back for all that EG is proud to offer:


  • 💎Top Quality All Natural Crystals
  • 💎Individually Hand-Selected
  • 💎Handmade Luxe Gemstone Jewelry
  • 💎Consciously Sourced and Consciously Priced
  • 💎Passionate Customer Services



Ariana and the EG Team❤️