Crystal Placement: Crystals for your Bathroom

Warm baths, facial routines, inventing new ideas in the shower - your bathroom is a space where your stresses get washed away and where you might prepare for important life events. Adding crystals to your bathroom can enhance your healing, both mind and body. Below I will discuss the top crystals you should have in your bathroom for amplifying positive energy and making you feel more relaxed and at peace.

If I had to choose one crystal for the bathroom, and one crystal only, it would be Rose Quartz! I absolutely love Rose Quartz for promoting love, increasing self-confidence and feelings of self-worth, and clear blockages that have to do with your heart space. Rose Quartz is also known to elevate serotonin levels in the body - boosting happiness and joy (perfect for those early mornings when you feel groggy).

Clear Quartz is another fabulous crystal for your bathroom! It’s known to enhance mental stability and clarity, getting you focused as your start your day. It’s also known as the ‘Master Healer’, so when you’re drawing a bath or shower, remember to keep Clear Quartz near so it can ease the tension in your muscles and reduce any type of physical pain. Not a morning person? Clear Quartz is your new BFF! It has the ability to increase your energy levels, amping you up and helping you get your day started.

Sometimes when you come from a long day, you might feel stressed and anxious - this is where Amethyst comes into play, to help rescue you from these emotions. We wash our hands, our face … we need something to help us unwind … Amethyst is the perfect crystal for promoting calmness and relaxation. It cools you down and instantly make you more understanding, absorbing any type of negative energy you might hold within.

Aquamarine is another fitting crystal for your bathroom space! It promotes serenity, relaxation, as is helps decrease feelings of anxiety. If you have a big day ahead of you, and you have your thoughts all over the place, Aquamarine will help filter through information. This will sharpen your perception and intuition. Tap into your inner truth with Aquamarine!

Lastly is Smokey Quartz - the crystal for grounding, stability and centering. Sounds perfect for your bathroom right? That’s because IT IS! Smokey Quartz helps put you in an ideal position where you’re making innovative decisions and setting goals for yourself. Myself personally, I do most of my brainstorming in the shower, that’s when I have my best thinking sessions, so I always have a Smokey Quartz nearby during those deep-thought moments.

Those are my top five crystals I recommend for your bathroom! You can place these crystals anywhere in your bathroom - on a ledge, around your bath tub, in a bowl with all of them inside … the possibilities are endless! Also, there are definitely other crystals that can be placed in your bathroom, depending on the type of energy you want to convey. If there is a crystal you’re thinking about putting in your bathroom space, but you’re not sure if the energy is right or if it’s allowed in the bathroom, always feel free to ask me by leaving a comment or question down below or doing your own research.

Be aware that some crystals, in general, are not meant to be placed near or in water. Please do your research beforehand to avoid crystal damage. I will be doing a blog post discussing which crystals should not be exposed to water, and what might occur if water DOES get on those particular crystals.


Yay! An Ari blog?! (How exciting!)

Cathy July 26, 2022

Yay! An Ari blog?! (How exciting!)

Cathy July 26, 2022

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