To preserve the longevity of your Equilibrio Gems jewelry, it is important to take extra care of it. 

We recommend taking off your jewelry before bathing and swimming. Some of our pieces are plated, and any harsh chemicals, water or beauty products may affect the plating properties of the piece. Also, harsh rays from the sun can be damaging to the gemstones. Heat and light can impact the gemstone’s colour, causing it to fade. For example, direct sunlight causes certain stones, like amethyst and smokey quartz, to change colour or fade. Sudden temperature changes and extreme heat can also cause fracturing of the gemstones. It is important that you keep your gemstones away from heat and sunlight. Chemicals are also harmful to gemstone jewelry, including perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, etc. Make it a habit to put on your gemstone jewelry, after application, as the last item. 

To care for your crystals and minerals, place them in a clean and dry place. For really special pieces that are an investment rather than a polished tumbled stone, consider placing them in a glass cabinet or a place that is free from moisture and dust. Certain crystals should refrain from being in sunlight, otherwise they will fade. These crystals are: 

Rose Quartz 
Smokey Quartz

    Fingerprints and oil from the skin can transfer onto the crystals, causing them to become dull over time. A soft microfibre cleaning cloth, typically used for glasses, cellphones, and computers, is ideal. 

    When cleaning fragile clusters, points or crystals that tend to crumble, use a soft brush, such as a paint brush or makeup brush, to remove any dust or debris. The soft bristles will be able to get into all the nooks of your crystal. 

    To avoid risk of damage, prevent cleaning your crystals with water, unless you are knowledgable on the hardness of your crystal (you can also look it up online). Certain crystals will dissolve in water. If you are certain you are able to clean your crystal with water, use a damp cloth to clean it. If the crystal is water safe, avoid a strong water flow, as it could damage them. 

    For all other inquires about how to care for your Equilibrio Gems jewelry or crystals, please contact us