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Just Goddessin' Crystal Candle


Oh you know, just out here being the best version of myself, just out here being the Goddess that I am! 

Our inner Goddess needs to be loved, nurtured and expressed!

Our Just Goddessin’ candle is embedded with Rose Quartz, Flower Agate and Clear Quartz!

With soft and fragrant blends of rose water, lily petals and fresh patchouli, Just Goddessin’ will be your new coffee table BFF.

Note: After the first burn, once the flame has been extinguished, but the wax is still soft, carefully remove the crystals using a small spoon and wash them in warm soapy water.

ROSE QUARTZ is a crystal for self-love and enhancing self-confidence. It emits strong vibrations of love, which supports emotional healing and inspires compassion.

FLOWER AGATE is a crystal for self-growth and nurturing. It carries a feminine Goddess vibration that helps with manifesting your dreams. 

CLEAR QUARTZ is an amplifier, making it the perfect crystal to enhance the Goddess energies of Rose Quartz and Flower Agate. It is also known as the Master Healer, balancing out your entire body.

Customer Reviews

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Hasina Fernandes
Perfect 🥰

Such a lovely candle! Burns perfectly and smells absolutely AMAZING! Not to strong not to light! Just PERFECT!

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