Equilibrio Gems

Green Calcite Towers

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 Radiates a calming energy

✧ Removes any stagnant energy to clear any blockages 

✧ Dissolves old energy patterns and old belief systems  

✧ Draws money and prosperity to your door  


Country of Origin: Mexico

Size: 2.5" to 3"


All sizes are an approximate value. Each crystal will vary slightly in colour and size. We also factor in the weight of each crystal (some might be heavier than others, but the heights are the same)! We intuitively choose each piece for you. Due to our high standards we know you will love it! 

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful piece!

I was hoping to get a green crystal to go with my display and after reading the benefits of green calcite I knew this was the one! I even got two because my mom wanted one as well when I showed her haha. We’re both very happy with how they turned out :)

Kyle Wright
Green Calcite Tower

I adore this piece! Stunning ombré greens with beautiful banding 💚