Equilibrio Gems

Flower Agate Worry Stones


 Encourages personal growth   

 Carries a divine feminine vibration

 Protects against fear and self-doubt

 Aids in manifesting your dreams and highest potential   


Worry stones are excellent tools for relieving stress! Worry stones also allow you to have a visual reminder of a specific intention you set out for yourself, for example, finding more gratitude in life or addressing negative thoughts. Use a worry stone when you're feeling stressed, out for a walk, while meditating, before bed, or while having a difficult conversation. 


Country of Origin: Madagascar   

Size: 1.5" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Annie St-Pierre
Love it!

It's the most beautiful worry stone I own! I will definitely take it with me everywhere and I won't hesitate to order another one!

Jessica Langdon
The most beautiful piece I have ever seen 😍

I absolutely loved all my pieces they were gorgeous. I had to order again and can not wait till I get them 😁 When I ordered the flower agate worry stone they were beautiful on the picture but the picture does not do it justice cause this one took my breath away. The design in it was so clear and perfect it had at bit of green and this cloud look to one part I couldn’t get over how stunning it was. I showed it off to few of my friends and they thought the same things as me. I will be definitely be getting more flower agate in the future ♥️

Amber D.

Amazing worry stone! So pretty, I love it!

Andrea Hobson
Get one.

Everyone should have one of these! This is a stone I’m going to carry with me everywhere!