Equilibrio Gems

Druzy Amethyst Hearts


 Enhances spirituality, intuition, and meditation  

 Protects against nightmares and insomnia  

 Acts as a natural stress-reliever 

 Purifies any space that has negative vibrations 


Country of Origin: Uruguay  

Small: 1" to 1.25"

Medium: 1.5"

Large: 1.75" to 2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jessica Langdon
What beautiful crystals 😍

I just received my crystals today and they are all absolutely gorgeous 😍 the Druzy Amethyst Heart is just stunning. My birthstone is amethyst and so glad that now I have a beautiful heart to go with my beautiful crystals ♥️ I am beyond in love with my full order of crystals. I love every single piece and can not wait to order again ♥️

Victoria Oneschuk
Beautiful Gems

First time customer with this recent order and I am not disappointed! All the gems I ordered are so lovely.
The Amethyst Druzy Hearts are gorgeous. Great size. They really sparkle!

Andrea Hobson
Perfect quality!

Absolutely stunning! I ended up with a darker piece that I am in love with. It was packaged beautifully!