Behind Equilibrio Gems 

In January, 2018, Equilibrio Gems was founded by Ariana Stefancic, owner and creative director behind the company. Ariana’s vision was for Equilibrio Gems to be edgy, fashion-forward, and one-of-a-kind. She first began her journey fully enthralled by the idea of creating jewelry and having people wear them, love them and talk about them. Having created about 100 pieces of jewelry, Ariana attended her first pop-up in April, 2018. She didn’t get as much positive feedback as she wanted, which made her feel discouraged and left questioning herself. However, she continued on her Equilibrio Gems journey and didn’t take no for an answer. 

The drive and passion led Ariana to complete over 100 pop-ups to date. From markets to trade shows, and from pop-ups to private events, Ariana continues to spread the love she has for gemstones, and continues to create natural gemstone jewelry that caters to everyone.

With consistent hard work and perseverance, Equilibrio Gems has successfully grown its way into various retail locations across the country and has made a large impact in the crystal community on all social media platforms. 

Equilibrio Gems stems from the word ‘Equilibrium’, which means a state in which two opposing forces or influences are balanced. It represents symmetry and stability. Gemstones are meant to balance the mind, body, and soul through their natural properties. Not only are they beautiful, but each gemstone carries a specific frequency, and when worn or held, these frequencies are translated into a vibrational energy that gets transferred to the wearer. This ultimately clears them of any uncomfortable energy and balances their inner core (known as the chakras). 

Behind the Founder and Creative Director 

As a child, Ariana was always fascinated by jewelry and the composition of crystals. She grew up collecting rocks and minerals from all over the world. Her passion for crystals allowed her to envision something beyond just a childhood hobby, but a business, which is now known as Equilibrio Gems today. 

The beauty of crystals and learning about new crystals continues to inspire Ariana on a day-to-day basis.

"There is just something about the natural beauty of crystals, and the utter amazement I have for each of them." - Ariana, S., Founder & Creative Director