Equilibrio Gems

Green Aventurine Hype Bears


 Known as the stone of prosperity and good-luck  

 Promotes leadership qualities  

 Stimulations perception and mental clarity 

 Calms irritation, anger and resentment 

✧ Hand-carved


Country of Origin: Brazil 

Size: 2.5"

Customer Reviews

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It’s absolutely beautifully created ! Fits perfectly in my hand ..and it’s so cute it’s a bear but it reminds me of Mickey Mouse ! Lol lol..
I placed a decent order.. and I absolutely adore everything ! I purchased every skull they create (5) I adore them ! what can I say I love skulls !! Lol
And I also purchased a few mushrooms (3) that are the cutest I’ve ever seen !! And again all feel really good in my hands !! Also I purchased a Blue Tiger’s eye mini moon.. I wish it was just a little bit bigger .. they do have a bigger moon … and lastly was a Pyrite goddess !! I love her and again feels great in my hand while manifesting my intention ! And she’s beautifully crafted ! I’ve ordered another and I can’t wait to receive my lepidolite goddess for its calming energies !! Like I said I can’t wait for my next order I have 2 different bears arriving soon and I can’t wait ! Lol along with labradorite lips, Druzy Amethyst Hearts (natural stress reliever) and of course another goddess !
I would highly recommend Equilibrio Gems !! I would love a large skull the size of a sphere between 6” to 6.5” that would be amazing for its stress relief properties of Amethyst or Lepidolite for its calming and sleep aid properties 💗

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