Equilibrio Gems

Garnierite "Green Moonstone" Towers


 Symbolizes feminine Goddess energy, emotional balance and love

✧ A helpful crystal that allows you to "go with the flow"  

 Stimulates your self-confidence and composure 

✧ Helps you connect with the grounding elements of the Earth and uplifting vibrations of the Moon


Country of Origin: Madagascar

Small: 3"

Medium: 3.25" to 3.5"

Large: 3.5" (wider)


All sizes are an approximate value. Each crystal will vary slightly in colour and size. We also factor in the weight of each crystal (some might be heavier than others, but the heights are the same)! We intuitively choose each piece for you. Due to our high standards we know you will love it! 

Customer Reviews

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Jeannie Costello
Absolutely stunning

I can't say enough about how beautiful the crystals are, but also how lovely Ariana is conducting her business. A true professional with merchandise that is excellent.

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